A Medical Billing and Coding Salary – A Fair Reward for a Vital Job?

Medical billing and coding are just two of the backbones of the medical field. Medical coders and billers, also known as medical coders, medical records coding technicians and coding specialists, people tasked to perform important jobs. More particularly, they submit claims to the government and insurance companies. They assist other people and agencies in the process of receiving payment for health, medical and preventive care services and supplies provided by doctors and other health care professionals.

One reason why many individuals opt to choose this career path is because of the medical billing and coding salary. A medical billing and coding salary is certainly enough for a person to lead a decent lifestyle without having to think about whether or not you can afford those little luxuries that make life worthwhile. Any medical billing and coding salary is affected by a lot of factors, ranging from geographic location, type of employer and specialty. Like any other career path, education level, experience and training are other factors taken into consideration when it comes to your potential level of earnings.

One variable to consider in determining a medical billing salary is the place or city where an individual works. Places like New York and Houston have high minimum wages because of the expensive cost of living. These states also have a thriving local economy. A similar medical coding salary in Boston or Chicago can start from $15.00 to as much as $20.00 per hour, while in Springfield, a medical billing and coding salary is usually around $11.00 to $15.00 an hour.

The type of employer a person is working for will also have a bearing on the medical billing and coding salary. Those who work in hospitals usually receive a higher medical billing and coding salary. People who work for insurance companies, consulting firms, pharmacies and doctor’s office can expect a fixed medical billing and coding salary. Government agencies and non-governmental organizations also have different medical billing and coding salary rates. Then, there are also those who work at home as an independent contractor. The medical billing and coding salary that they earn will ultimately depend on the number of clients that they are willing to render services for.

Another interesting aspect of this profession is that the field in which an employee specializes plays a role in determining the level of income. It is very possible to follow your interest into a specialist healthcare niche and you will find that workers coding for neuropsychiatry, rheumatology, plastic surgery, nephrology and interventional radiology generally brings home more pay in terms of medical billing and coding salary.