Medical Billing and Coding Salary: How To Negotiate Your Pay Upwards

Tips on Negotiating the Best Medical Billing and Coding Salary

Very few people feel comfortable when it comes to negotiating their medical billing and coding salary, yet this is one vital area that you can influence in a positive manner. And this can happen even before you are offered a job with a prospective employer.
Here are a few pointers to bear in mind when broaching the subject in an interview with a potential employer:

  • Never attend a job interview without a clear idea of what salary is on offer and what level of salary you hope to achieve. No matter how anxious you are to secure a particular position, remember that your time and expertise is worth a certain amount to both you and an employer.
  • It is best to allow an employer to mention the subject of the rate of pay he has in mind to offer.  Being keen to talk figures may not be in your interest unless the interview is coming to its conclusion and the matter hasn’t been clarified. In this case, don’t be afraid to politely ask what salary range is on offer for the position.
  • Interview coaches advise their clients that, as a rule, the person who raises the subject of salary is the one that is in the weakest position. The exception is that once you have impressed your interviewer with what you can offer them as an employee, they will be more likely to offer you a medical bulling and coding salary that is nearer the top of the income range, as they can see your worth to their organization.
  • Should an employer raise the issue of your income expectations early on in the interview process, politely respond by asking to hear a little more details about the position and what it involves. If this isn’t possible, confidently mention the figure that you have previously given thought to.
  • Make certain that you have researched the level of salaries for similar medical billing or coding jobs in your locality, in similar sized institutions and in line with your level of qualification and experience. Useful, free resources such as, and are easily researched online beforehand.

Remember that salary negotiation is not something to be afraid if or ashamed of talking about with confidence. All employers will have an idea of how much they are willing to pay to secure the best person for the billing and coding position they want filled and conducting a polite and respectful discussion with them enables each side to reach agreement in an open and understanding manner.

If you can be professional and diplomatic when negotiating your Medical Billing and Coding Salary you will be certain to secure the best income for your expertise possible.


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