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Want Job Security? Look No Further Than Medical Billing and Coding.

Can Medical Billing and Coding Offer A Job For Life? Medical billing and coding¬† can be a career path that allows you to work from home that genuinely offers long-term job security and is a great option for freelancers or housewives who have the desire to work but are maybe ¬†not able to commit to … Continue reading

Why Your Medical Billing and Coding Salary Will Grow and Grow

Why do you think that a Medical Billing and Coding Salary is so much in demand these days? It’s no secret that this field of healthcare administration is one of the fastest growing areas of all and students are being quick to move in the direction that offers them the prospect of a very satisfying … Continue reading

Exploring The Life Of Medical Billing And Coding Specialist

Is a Medical Billing and Coding Life For You? In the current socio-economic climate, new careers are emerging in every field as people seek employment in areas that they had previously not considered. One such career is medical billing and coding. Related to the field of medicine and health care,

Influencing Factors on a Medical Billing and Coding Salary

Medical Billing and Coding Salary – Guide to Hourly Rates of Pay What salary can you expect if you work in medical billing and coding? This is frequently the prime concern for those looking for information relating to a career in this area. Well let us take a look at precisely what a medical billing … Continue reading

Have You Been Caught by the Medical Billing Salary Hustle?

The Medical Billing Salary Scam You’ve seen the many job ads offering a lucrative medical billing salary but which actually give you very little information about what medical billing actually means, as a career. What you will frequently discover is that there is a great deal of misleading information regarding medical billing which is designed … Continue reading

Medical Billing and Coding: Two Hearts Beating as One?

Medical Billing and Coding – Bedfellows or Mortal Enemies? Medical billing and coding is often thought of as being a single career or a job but once you start to look a little closer into the specifics, you will quickly begin to understand that, although closely related, they are in fact, two separate disciplines.

Medical Coding Salary Rates 2012

What Medical Coding Salary Can You Expect This Year? A medical coding salary is a fine reward for an essential job and many people search to discover what levels of salary are available to them should they decide to train for this profession. To answer that question, Salary.com reports that the middle 50% of medical … Continue reading

A Medical Coding Salary Could Be Right Up Your Street

Earn Yourself a Medical Coding Salary Candidates seeking a career in the health care industry are frequently attracted by a medical coding salary. As time goes by, a career in the medical profession support services is becoming more of a challenge as competition increases and demand rises. One such area is that of medical coding … Continue reading

A Medical Billing and Coding Salary Comparison.

Medical Billing and Coding Salary Many people just starting to consider an administrative career in the healthcare industry are attracted by the fact that medical billing and coding is one of the fastest growing sectors over the past ten years. But once their research gets under way, it soon becomes obvious that aiming to earn … Continue reading

Do You Really Know What Medical Billing and Coding is All About?

What Is Medical Billing and Coding? What do you think when someone says that they work in medical billing and coding? This is probably not the first time you have heard of the phrase but what exactly does it mean? What sort of work does a medical biller and coder actually do? Medical billing and … Continue reading